ach of the letters of this typeface set is designed to be used mostly as the centerpiece of a design and to be used in single or two letters at a time. Most often they are used as an initial letter to attract the viewer's attention to a beginning of a passage or a poster.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Full Set Alphabet Family Glyph Typography.

Each letters are uniquely designed but they can still be recognised as a cohesive family set.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Bernini Curstom Lettering Elegance in Gold and Purple.

With a skillful design setting, this dropcaps elevates the whole feel of the design into another level of elegance.

They work well as monograms of one and up to three letters combination (with some adjustments). This typeface set also carries with it the interior decoration, and the color application is flexible enough for a wide range of design possibilities.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Versatile Variations Appearance Display.

The dropcap set is versatile and can be altered according to a specific use from a different background color, to elaborately ornamented, to a basic shape.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Single Letter Family Framed.

Framed monogram dropcap representing the member of the whole family.

As the Type in Use samples shows, these letters can stand as a solid shape, they can come in black, in various colors or in white. Some can be elaborately ornamented and they still stand out as a beautiful main object of attraction on every design. They also show the versatility of its use, from magazine editorial, logo design to packaging to t-shirts.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 on Men's Fitted T-shirt

The letter still shines in a wide range of application. Whether it's on paper, digital, packaging and merchandise objects like t-shirt.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Vintage Lettering Ampersand Glyph Typographer's Favorite.

Typographer and designer's favorite glyph, the ampersand.

The inspiration of style come from various calligraphy. From the modern cut of Didone style (as in letter K and M). From illuminated manuscripts (as in letter U and Y). From scripts and handwriting (as in letter V and L). From vintage French signage lettering (as in letter P). And other original ideas.

Novialdi Dropcap No. 1 Custom Lettering drawn in Large Wall Mural Chalk Illustration.

The dropcap can be used in a vintage Victorian style lettering. Here it is drawn in chalk as a wall installation.

Size: Various
Media: Vector

Gilded with 24carat Gold


Ungilded Artprint


Artprint Series - Love Joy, Love Blues, Love Lost


Artprint - Love Joy


Artprint - Love Blues


Artprint - Love Lost


Artprint Series - Ivory Parchment & Imperial Blue


Ungilded Artprint


Gilded with 24carat Gold


Display Typeface

$5 - $50