On The Theme of B.A.C.H (Gilded)


Toward the end of his life, Bach assembled a series of fugue compositions that later known as The Art of Fugue.
This last fugue, known as Contrapunctus XIV ‘The Unfinished Fugue’ is where Bach inserted his own family name: B, A, C and H (German letter notation calls the B-flat as B and B-natural as H).
The four letters that serve as the centerpiece of this artwork not only represent the composer but also the musical notation of his name, separated by the diamond shapes that serve as hyphens. Beneath each letter is the musical notation that indicates them.
The letters are surrounded by 4 large circular filigrees. These filigrees represent the four-part voices: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. These filigree lines weave in and out of each other. They complement and in harmonious interaction with other voices, just like the musical composition.
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Note: Gilded with genuine 24carat gold.
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Slate Grey, Navy Blue, Golden Sand