Photo of Andrew Novialdi, designer and letterer
Andrew Novialdi Calligraphic Nameplate Design

s a designer and artist, my aim is to provide creative solutions to a wide variety of problems. It ranges from building an engaging branding and visual identity system, to composing a sublime marketing material for events like concerts. Creating meticulously crafted lettering design for prints and publications, to making a highly unique packaging that stands out on the shelf.
My design style focused on creating works that are elegant, classically beautiful, and perfectly display a high degree of craftsmanship. I often look back to design history and styles as a source of inspiration but still keeping in mind to produce something that is relevant today.

Andrew Novialdi drawing a monogram.

The works I produce are very intricate, meticulously refined and often times has more meaning than what is apparent from the first glance. Inviting the viewer to spend time exploring and reveal the multi-layered idea imbued in them. I always try to be a storyteller through design. Creating a narrative or presenting the symbols visually in a piece of artwork.
Other than design, my other passion in life is classical music, and I also play the piano (though not very good at it). Music is my drug of choice (yes people, I get high on Bach). I enjoy making French patisseries, a lazy evening of watching too much documentaries or gymnastics (while eating dozens of ├ęclairs), and of course, the classical fine arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Those creative areas have prominent influence in my own aesthetics as an artist.

Premium Monogram

In the Victorian era when monograms were popular, they were reserved for royalties and higher-class society. Monograms are luxury items and the clientele who have the means could afford to commission a custom designed monogram and have it mass produced as stationeries or integrated into their personal properties. The same goes with monograms that are produced by this atelier.

The monograms produced here leans more as a work of art that can also be used as personal insignia. They are tailored to client's personal style and needs. They are presented as a hand-drawn piece and accompanied with the digital version of it. Often adorned with Baroque-style flourishes and gilded with genuine 24k gold, these monograms are to be cherished for many generations. The illustration is finely hand-drawn with a high degree of skilled draftsmanship and the result is quite apparent because they don't look like the common monograms you've seen.

These bespoke monograms are created custom to reflect the personalities of the patrons. The result is a very unique, one-of-the-kind personal symbol which can be used to a wide variety of applications such as insignia in personal stationeries, vintage seal wax, stylish throw pillows to accentuate the rooms in your home, embroidered, engraved on invitations, etc. The sky is the limit.

Note: Monogram refers to a combination of several letters which share a certain part of the anatomy. If one letter is removed then the rest will lose their meaning.
Cypher refers to an arrangement of letters that can stand alone but designed to appear in harmony with the rest of the letters. Technically speaking, most of the works I produce are cyphers, but people today understand cypher as code riddle rather and monograms as a symbol combination of several letters. That is why I still call them as monograms.

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Luxury Packaging

This studio specializes in designing packaging for luxury products and high-end consumer products like liquors, teas, and premium foods. In today's saturated market, the packagings are as important as the products themselves. With many producers offering essentially the same product, what differentiate your product to others is the packaging. It is the face of the product. We recognize the importance of a packaging that is not only functional but also visually engaging.

New materials and combinations of printing techniques are often employed to achieve these outstanding and highly inspiring packages. New materials such as the use of fancy premium papers, wooden boxes, different bottle shapes. New printing techniques such as the use of foil printing, thermograph, UV laminates, special laser cuts. Using these materials and printing techniques are important to achieve a thoroughly unique and stand apart from the rest.We use all these aspects of productions to get that 'Wow' moment.

One of the flattering comments made for our packaging design is that people bought the product because of the packaging. That is one of the incredible power of design in consumer's decision making. Consumers make split-second decisions whilst walking through the shopping aisles. So when we want to grab their attention, we need our packaging to be bold. We can achieve this when a packaging is designed in conjunction with through research, strong design and revolutionary use of production materials.

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Playing in my ears:

Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A Minor Op. 50

Martha Argerich, Gidon Kremer, Mischa Maisky

Ever since I heard this recording on CD from Deutsche Grammophon, I've been longing to see the performance. It is epic in scale and in musical content. Martha is such an unstoppable storm. But she rarely performs this piece. At one time saying that she finds this Trio to be more challenging than his concerto. Indeed, it lasts just short of 50 minutes. Even Beethoven's concertos don't last that long.

Schumann, Brahms, Dietrich: F-A-E Sonata

Isabelle Faust, Alexander Melnikov

Brahms wrote only the Scherzo part (14:15) of this sonata when he was 20. It is bubbling with youthful explosive energy. The climax of the violin part on 18:13 is visceral and you can feel it in the pit of your stomach. This performance is especially magnificent with its pacing and boldness. Listen to it in high volume.

Bach-Liszt: Organ Prelude & Fugue in A minor

Jorge Luis Prats

Currently learning this piece. The way he hits that low A on 00:30 is mesmerising. A single note but full of nuance.

Scarlatti: Piano Sonata in B Minor K.27

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

Michelangeli approached his music with scalpel blade precision. As Anderszewsky said, he calculates his appearance on stage. Not a hair out of place. No exageratted eccentrics. Absolute control of each shading of note.

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