Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you pronounce your name?

Novialdi rhymes with Vivaldi, the Italian composer.

2. How much is it for a design?
It's like asking, "How much is it for a house?" It depends. We won't know about the number before we have a thorough discussion concerning the project. On the sort of business; On who is the target market; On the scope of the project; On how many works I need to produce; On how soon the works need to get done; On what is the scale of the company; Et cetera, et cetera. Potential client has to elaborate about their backgrounds, their visions and more. The more specific, the better.
Above all, we aim to provide an affordable and reasonably priced works.

3. What is your creative process?
A well-prepared brief that specifies the aim of the design, style preference, timeline and most importantly the budget would be an excellent starting point. Then I will move to research and prepare some sketches. The client will be presented with the best solution for the brief and we will move on to refining process afterwards. A final artwork would then be assembled.

4. Does your store ship world wide?
We ship to most countries. Fill in your address to find out the shipping cost.