My Design Process

These are the simple steps that we'll go through to produce the best designs for you:

Decide on your needs.

Share with me your visions for the design outcome. About the color, shape, quantity, or style. If you have found some reference that you particularly liked, by all means, show them to me.
A clear goal will make the job more focus and makes it easier for both of us. I won't be able to hit the target if the target itself keeps on moving and changing shape.

Decide on the budget.
Rest assure that this is not for me to set the highest cost possible. A budget range will help me to decide the best design paths I will take. There's no use to set a design to be laser cut when there's simply no money for it. Better just to focus on 2 color print and the design will be better formed by these decisions. I will give the best options to fit your budget.

Decide on the deadline.
A clear timetable will help us better to create a schedule. Creative designs need time to be refined and matured.

Proposal agreement.
When those questions have been answered, I will offer you a project proposal consisting the description of the project and the total cost.

Project starts.
The project officially starts only when the payment is received and cleared. Time table starts on this date, not on the day we start discussing the project.

Design process.
Think of me as your design consultant, not your concierge who will say 'yes' to all your requests.
Trust my artistic judgments because you've hired me to do something that you cannot. What I first present to you is what I believe to be the most ideal solution to your need.
Reply the emails as soon as possible. I consider my time as precious as you do yours.

Project finished.
The day we all been waiting for: The design is here!
In one interview, Steve Jobs said this about the notable designer Paul Rand: I asked him if he would come up with a few options (for Job's NEXT logo). He said 'No, I will solve your problem for you and you will pay me. You don't have to use the solutions. I'll solve the problem for you the best I knew how, and you use it or not, that's up to you. You're the client. But you pay me.'"