his sumptuous monogram artwork is an elegant illustration of a family crest. The four members of the family are represented by the letters I, S, E and H. The monogram is coronated with a royal crown and flourishes of aesthetically pleasing scrolls and leaves. The letters combination is designed with an impeccable sense of symmetry. Not only from side to side but also top to bottom.

I S E H Family Grand Monogram Custom Designed Framed

This sumptuous artwork monogram is an elegant illustration of the family crest. A monogram is commonly used by royal families and gained popularity in the esteemed Victorian society in England.

The monogram is gilded with genuine 24 carat gold on the two main letters, the letters I and S — burnished to high reflective gleam. The secondary letters E and H are painted with paint made of gold dust to give a matted golden finish which also gives a luster shine when viewed under the light.

I S E H Family Grand Monogram Gilded with Gold Custom Designed

The monogram is gilded with genuine gold that gleams under the light. The letter E and H is painted with lustre gold paint. Bother types of gold created different lighting effect.

Surrounding the monogram is an effusion of gallant ornaments. These delicately engraved ornaments weave around their stems and leaves and taper off to a fine point at the bottom. It is partly inspired by 18th-century French ironwork tradition that is often made of brass.

A secondary variation of the monogram artwork appears on the sea of Prussian blue. Gilded with Palladium.

Adorning the lower part of the ornament is a pair of lunaria plant and sweet pea flower garland. They add a touch of grace to the whole piece and give another dimension of details.

The crown shows an elaborate marriage of teardrop pearls and adornment. At the center is the square-cut jewel as the eye of the crown.

I S E H Monogram as Seal Wax on Gift Box and Envelopes for Stationery Correspondence Gifts

Seal wax set that bears the monogram adds a more personal touch to correspondence or gifts.

I S E H Monogram as Seal Wax Made With Gold and Crimson Colored Wax

Several colors of the wax with further variation of gold on crimson.

I S E H Monogram Personal Luxury Correspondence Envelope and Letterhead Stationery Set Design

The monogram design integrated into luxury personal stationery including letterhead, envelope and greeting card. Printed on high quality papers.

I S E H Monogram Personal Luxury Correspondence Calligraphy Envelope Design

Custom envelope written in florid calligraphy.

I S E H Monogram Mugs for Couples Tea Coffee Breakfast

The monogram custom printed on mugs for couples.

I S E H Monogram Throw Pillow Family Sofa Design

The monogram appears on throw pillows for family sofas or beds.

The designing and gilding process.

Size: 30.3 x 45.3 cm / 11.9 x 17.8 in
Media: Genuine 24-karat Gold Gilding
 Mohawk Via Satin 216 gr

Artprint Gilded with 24-karat Gold


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Artprint Series - Love Joy, Love Blues, Love Lost


Artprint - Love Joy


Artprint - Love Blues


Artprint - Love Lost


Artprint Series - Ivory Parchment & Imperial Blue


Artprint - Ivory Parchment


Artprint - Imperial Blue


Artprint Gilded with 24-karat Gold


Ungilded Artprint


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